SA Chinchillas

SA Chinchilla average prices and colours


Please take note that all our chinchillas are sold with chinchilla food and chinchilla bathing sand


Standard grey

Female R 1200
Male R 600

Hetero beige

Female R 1200
Male R 600

Homo beige

Female R 1400
Male R 800

Light Tan & Ebony

Female R 1500
Male R 1000

Medium Tan & Ebony

Female R 2000
Male R 1500

Dark Ebony

R 3000

Extra Dark Ebony

R 3500

Dark Brown Ebony (Dark Tan)

R 3500

Pink White

R 2500

White Mosaic & Mosaic

R 3000

Ebony & Tan Mosaic

R 3500

Beige Mosaic

R 3000

Black Velvet

R 4000

Brown Velvet

R 4000

TOV Ebony

R 4000


R 4000



Grey VC & SC


White VC & SC


White Violet and White Sapphire en Velvet





 Prices according to quality and bloodline

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